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Senior Wellness

Regardless of their background, age or medical history, most seniors are dealing with the same wellness issues that impact their well-being, including depression, reduced mobility, lack of independence, safety concerns, and age-specific health issues.

Those who strive to improve their quality of life, reduce their dependency on others, and benefit from the best care tailored to their unique medical and non-medical needs usually thrive in senior living communities that have embraced whole-person well-being programs to restore the balance of their clients and improve all the aspects of their daily lives.

Wellness Programs and Centers are becoming more prevalent in senior living communities across the country. Current information clearly indicates that wellness programming improves function and promotes successful living among older adults. Wellness initiatives at communities benefit both residents and staff. The next generation of residents will demand wellness as a way of life. Communities that do not have wellness programs may very well be thought of as being "behind the times". 

Our very simple four step system of exercises is focused on gently leading seniors with mobility issues; to understand and use relaxation and breathing to help with achieving better flexibility. The breathing exercises bring oxygen into the blood stream and release toxins when the breath is exhaled. Thereby setting up an optimal flow of energy to the body and brain. Gentle stretching exercises prepare the students to be secure and empowered to execute the simple Qigong organ cleansing exercises that complete the circle of this mindful practice.

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