My Approach


Elan Vita is an innovative method that incorporates well-being exercises including guided relaxation, breath work, meditation and Qigong; to regenerate personal health, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Elan Vita deals directly with stress, anxiety, depression and beyond. It produces a level of clarity and fitness that gives you control of your well-being, focus and productivity. Thereby allowing you to function at a higher level, in your life, work and friendships.

How does it work?

Elan Vita classes include breath based mindfulness techniques that in combination guide each student to come into deeper contact with their body and mind. In simple terms, we teach how to release old behaviors that hold you back and open you to new patterns that empower individuals to be more successful and healthy. Transformed by this extraordinary training to be motivated to make a difference in the world. These simple techniques can be assimilated by all ages, abilities and walks of life.


What to expect:

  • Elan Vita is a simple effective practice.

  • It is for everyone who desires to be in balance physically, emotionally and spiritually for their best overall health.

  • Elan Vita awareness exercises put you in contact with your body and mind. Through deep relaxation, breathing, meditative practice and a simple Qigong energy circulation cleansing movement sequence.

Elan Vita’s key focus:

My goal is one of creating a community of deep understanding and thoughtful nurturing care. My emphasis is on focus through my simple techniques teaching students to become deeply aware of their body’s responses. These responses are then shared with each other thereby awakening a sense of community and support in the process. It is deeply gratifying on a personal emotional level to know that each is in a caring nurturing environment where so much more can be accomplished.

  • Elan Vita is a system created to awaken each and every student to the Miracle of themselves. Reconnecting to what is important and what it is to be alive and present in the moment.

  • The practice is based on the principles of Love. Love of oneself, of the world we inhabit, love of our families, friends and work colleagues.

  • Gain access to our deepest resources for living, healing and coping with stress.

  • Respect for the body, improving one's image of it no matter what shape it is.