Rita B. - Financial advisor

Susana’s Workshop is amazing!!! I attended at the end of a busy week and came out feeling relaxed and energized at the same time. WOW! My big “aha” moment was when I connected to the understanding that the inner child in me wanted me to show up attentive, patient and loving, something I had not been doing for myself. Great insight to be able to take action positively in my life!!! THANK YOU, SUSANA!


Wow Susana, you really did it this time!!! I was one of the lucky people who traveled with you to Tuscany for your one week retreat and was lucky enough to have the “whole” experience. The Villa, the food, the wine, spa, travel, experiences, etc. I participated every morning for your hour-long instruction in relaxation, deep breathing and Qi Gong, it was heavenly floating. However, at your workshops here in Los Angeles I have learned even more. I truly appreciated your metaphors about our inner child and many other examples you gave us. I thought I was a ‘graduate of your philosophy but, alas, I learned I have a lot more to absorb. You never cease to amaze me and I am so grateful.


Kathy M. - Lawyer

The amazing processes Susana took us through brought me to such a deep connection to my inner self. A real coming home. I was in a state of bliss. An honoring of self I haven’t felt before. A true mind, body and soul connection. With deep gratitude Anne.


Anne S. - Clearing for Clarity Life Coach

Susana’s breath and meditation work along with her instruction in medical Qi Gong is life changing. The word “mindful” has become a buzz word that’s used repeatedly to remind people to “get in touch,” I am here to say that Susana’s work, in my opinion, is the real deal in the authentic practice of being mindful. I always come away feeling euphoric and incredibly empowered. She’s on to something….


Karen B. - Singer, Actress

Susana's program is extraordinary and you experience results in the very first time you take her class. It is her soothing voice and her natural sense of rhythm as a former ballerina, and Chinese-trained Qigong student that she exudes in her 1 hour lessons.

For anyone (individuals, couples, corporations) who want to foster a sense of well-being, calm, and happiness-I strongly recommend this class.  


Faithe Raphael

During our wonderful trip to Tuscany last year, I so enjoyed your “Four Easy Steps to Wellness” morning program that relaxed my body and awakened my senses to better take in the enchanting Tuscan landscapes and towns with their delicious food, coffee and wine. I have practiced these steps since returning home and especially like the audible deep breathing and the medical Qigong. Still your new Elan Vita “Being in the Moment” classes in Los Angeles are something special. You introduced new concepts which deepened my understanding of your system. I found the idea of “taking care of our inner child” especially effective. Thank you so much for all the care you put into every detail of your wellness training.


Cathy R. - Trade Policy Specialist