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Three years ago, I realized I wanted to write a simple book that could reflect my teachings by appealing to the senses, the eyes, and the mind. I was teaching here in Los Angeles at the time, but how to write it was proving to be illusive. Then the world was hit with the devastation of the Covid 19 Pandemic, and the fear and instability that it awakened in all of us. The isolation that everyone felt, created many problems that we are still dealing with today.


So, I kept trying to find a way to write without too many words, so that our troubled minds could receive it without too much stress, and in a more immediate way. Then one day, it suddenly came to me, and the words flowed onto the paper. After which I needed a way to appeal to the senses, and I realized how color plays an important part in our daily lives.


Therefore, the background of color for each chapter, and what each color represents. Hopefully, as an inspiration to use a color that is appealing because of its significance, by wearing it, or using it to color a wall. The images I found were to awaken a memory, or as a stimulus for the eyes. When the eyes are awakened, they can bring happiness and joy. The words were to remind us of truths that we have all heard of but have maybe forgotten in the rush of daily living.

I wanted it to be light, inspiring, and most importantly, helpful. May this be a starting point to explore new ways to navigate through and overcome challenging moments in our lives.

Love, Please is a memoir of a timeless love story between a man and a woman from opposite sides of the world. They meet in Tokyo when she is there on tour, and each immediately realizes they are soul-mates. Their story unfolds over a period of seventeen years, from the mid seventies to the early nineties, chronicling the extraordinary adventure of their lives together.


Satoru Oishi is a architect and sculptor who works with Jasper Johns and Phillip Johnson. Susana Hayman-Chaffey is a soloist with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. The backdrop is their Manhattan loft, from which they travel around the world making a living any way they can, and learning about life through dramatic, often humorous, ups and downs.

It is a voyage of love between two people, their families, friends and children. It encourages and inspires us to keep faith in the midst of what seems to be an impossible life journey, proving that, with courage and determination, anything can be accomplished. It is a human story told simply and honestly about life and love.

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