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Corporate Wellness

We start each session with a complete explanation of the Elan Vita system.

The emphasis on my Elan Vita system for Corporate clients and their employees is based on my years of training as a professional dancer. My intimate connection to how the body functions using both a physical and mental approach is what can make it flexible and resilient. All the techniques I use come from the fundamental use of breath. When the body is taught to stretch and relax through the use of deep breathing and the release of sound the mind is guided to pay attention to what is being asked of it. Thereby eliminating the constant chatter that is the cause of anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

In this way, the mental process that wants to control is released to concentrate on the task at hand. I relate the feeling to floating in the sea, where salt helps you float more easily. In this state of comfort the muscles and mind are given the opportunity to completely let go. A state of bliss is achieved and in this space the healing of body and mind can begin to take place.

Finally, we use simple warm up stretching to prepare the body to work with a simple Qigong organ cleansing sequence of movements that keep the flow of energy moving through the body to achieve a calm healthy physical being.

It is a four step process whose results are felt almost immediately and produce enormously beneficial results both mentally and physically.

The Business-Side Benefits of Employee Wellness


Employee wellness is something that matters to both employees and employers. A healthy employee is happier and more productive, which reflects well on the business and keeps everyone satisfied. But if you don’t have a formal corporate wellness program, you probably aren’t focusing enough on the health of your employees.

Health and wellness is a very personal thing, clearly benefiting the individual more than anyone or anything else. But the advantages of managing a workforce full of healthy employees extend far beyond the employee-side benefits. Businesses stand to gain a lot from putting employee wellness first. Let’s check out some of the specific benefits:

Happiness. According to a 2012 study by AFLAC, employees who participate in workplace wellness programs are more satisfied with their jobs. This is tied to the fact that wellness programs show employees that the company cares for them. They also makes people physically feel better.

Enhanced productivity. It’s no surprise that physical activity and good nutrition positively affect the brain. The long-term benefits are more energy, better focus, and extra motivation. Those are valuable benefits, regardless of the industry or role.

Stronger community. Employee wellness programs are great for companies that are simultaneously trying to strengthen their culture and bring employees closer together. With group activities, challenges, and common “non-work” goals, organizations have discovered that wellness programs play a major role in forging stronger, longer lasting communities.

Cost savings. Harvard Business Review reports that, since 1995, the percentage of Johnson & Johnson employees who smoke has dropped by two-thirds. Furthermore, the number of people with high blood pressure and physical inactivity has been cut in half. Why does this matter? It’s tied to the company’s investment in employee wellness, which has saved J&J $250 million on healthcare expenses over the past decade. In fact, the return has been $2.71 for every dollar spent.

These are just a few of the business-side benefits of an investment in employee wellness, but they show the impressive return a formal health and wellness program can bring to the sponsoring organization.

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