We start each session lying down and being guided into deep body and mind relaxation where deep breathing techniques play a key role.

My intimate connection to how the body functions using both a physical and mental approach is what can make it flexible and resilient. All the techniques I use come from the fundamental use of breath. When the body is taught to stretch and relax through the use of deep breathing and the release of sound the mind is guided to pay attention to what is being asked of it. Thereby eliminating the constant chatter that is the cause of anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

In this way, the mental process that wants to control is released to concentrate on the task at hand. A state of bliss is achieved and in this space the healing of body and mind can begin to take place.

Everyone breathes. It’s something we often take for granted. It turns out, however, that most of us don’t do it correctly. Chest or thoracic breathing is found in over 50 percent of adults, and it contributes to a number of problems, like rapid heartbeats and low blood oxygen levels.

Diaphragmatic or belly breathing is what we should aim for, where every deep breath goes straight to the lungs and fills the body with oxygen. Deep breathing benefits both physical and mental health. It alleviates stress, improves confidence, and helps create better blood circulation.

The benefits of proper breathing are many. It has been found that people who practice deep breathing only ten minutes a day have better health and improved disposition. Wondering how deep breathing can benefit you? Here are some of the amazing benefits of deep, belly breathing.

- Detoxification

- De-stress

- Calming Effect

- Feel Energized

- Improved Digestion

- Increased Cardiovascular Capacity

- Regulate Weight

- Improved Posture

- Mood Elevation

- Improve Heart Health

- Sleep Better

- Pain Relief

- Healthier Organs

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