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My goal is one of creating a community of deep understanding and thoughtful nurturing care. My emphasis is on focus through my simple techniques teaching students to become deeply aware of their body’s responses. These responses are then shared with each other thereby awakening a sense of community and support in the process. It is deeply gratifying on a personal emotional level to know that each is in a caring nurturing environment where so much more can be accomplished.

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Susana's Newest Book 

Joy is a simple little book about fundamental truths that hold deep-seated complexities. It asks us to look deeply at the living, breathing experiences of life. It shows us how to maintain stillness in a complex world, which is our key to surviving and creating coherence within ourselves and the life we aspire to live. While at the same time, we are finding healing and peace.

In this little book I am offering a safe harbor from the stresses and uncertainties of living. As a counter to the Pandemic and heavy news cycle that we are bombarded with daily.

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Elan Vita is an innovative method that incorporates well-being exercises including guided relaxation, breath work, meditation and Qigong; to regenerate personal health, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Elan Vita deals directly with stress, anxiety, depression and beyond. It produces a level of clarity and fitness that gives you control of your well-being, focus and productivity. Thereby allowing you to function at a higher level, in your life, work and friendships.

Take a look at our workshops and find one that best suits you.

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